I created my first website in the age of floppy disks. Flash and ActionScript proved me that web may be really fun. I have been devoted to the frontend development for many years and currently being working mainly with React and TypeScript. I also use tools like Laravel, Nette or WordPress to solve things on the backend side. Furthermore, I'm experienced in ABAP development in SAP systems.

My interest is in the open source, static sites, continuous integration, security and decentralized applications.

You can check what I'm doing now, or see my CV.

I love science fiction, either as a film or a book. My body is tormented during run or in a gym regularly. Walks in the nature, more-day hiking as well as camping are something I cannot live without. I like to learn new things and often deal with the smallest details to make something great. I come from the beautiful city of Kosice, Slovakia.

From time-to-time I express my thoughts in non-technical way and write in my native language.