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Updated the

In the last couple of months, the company I work for re-branded. It stopped using the name ZOOM (which confused many people) and started presenting itself as Eleveo. During that time, I took the opportunity and started in a new position as Frontend technical leader. I'll still add new features/fix bugs in the WFM application as I used to, but will also have some responsibilities affecting different projects.

So, now I'm deeply immersed in thinking about ways how to implement a design system. This topic was attractive to me even before my new position. What tools to use to create it, what processes to set to deploy it successfully, and so on. And try to not create additional work for my teammates in this way.

When COVID-19 hit the country I am from (Slovakia), I had enough time to tinker with many things. One of them was creating a project that should have been helpful to many people during to national-wide lockdown. At least that's what me and my friends I was working on the project with thought. The intention was to make a catalog of services that started to deliver to home when everyone was afraid to go out. To conclude, this project didn't gain any traction, so we decided to stop our efforts. Especially when after a few weeks of hard lockdown, shops and services slowly started opening again. I built Doručím.online with Gatsby, Tailwind CSS and Firestore, deployed to Netlify. I'd say it's a great tech stack, which allowed us to roll out quickly.

Another one, more successful thing, was advancing my note-taking process. Thanks to https://nesslabs.com/ I started to think differently about all the possible ways, and thanks to https://notes.andymatuschak.org/, I took enough inspiration to implement a similar solution into TiddlyWiki, which I named Krystal. Since then, I'm on the way of rewriting my old notes as atomic and interconnected ephemeral notes and putting them into this system. I fell in love with it! Along with that, I started to create flashcards in Anki, a spaced repetition system. I see great potential in the combination of those two things.

Last but not least, I added a new section on my site - Learning Log - a place where I put short notes of exciting news, resources, and tips that caught my attention.