What I'm doing now

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Updated the

Some months have passed since I joined ZOOM and started working on a workforce management SaaS application. I take care of the frontend part of the application, but the whole architecture is really interesting. The app is served from the cloud as well as is available on-premise. This is probably the first time I contribute to the company's product meant to be consumed by clients directly. I appreciate this change.

In my spare time, I have been able to finally release Kalendario, an extension for web browsers. And, just recently, a custom React hook that generates crypting text effect. I made it because of one of my projects, but I'm really surprised people started to use it as well despite I've done no public promotion.

I wanted to play with generative art, but I haven't found any time for that since the last summer. And as I just got inspired by the list of Brutalist Websites, my thoughts are playing with an idea of transforming my web into something more, let's say, experimental.