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Learning Log #2

A new day ahead of us, time to remind newly gathered knowledge. This is a part of my notes taken during dealing with my day-to-day tasks.

Level up your git terminal skills. git add -N adds a new file to the history without its content. Then it is easy to see the whole file with git diff and add only some portions of it with git add -p. Kudos to Olivier.

The security of the system must be preserved even when its architecture and functionality is publicly known, as far as the keys stay secure. Kerckhoffs principle about cryptosystems.

One more tip on security - keep opened tabs safe and use rel="noopener" attribute. Asking why? Find the answer. There’s also a nice eslint rule for JSX.

npm comes with some very handy scripts by default, which one of them is npm version. It is used to bump your package version (in package and shrinkwrap files). In a git repository, it also creates a commit and adds a tag in semver notation. This step might not be desirable when you use a different type of versioning, so it can be skipped by running it with --no-git-tag-version.

Bad Frost is a father of Atomic design concept, which is now 6 years old. In his article he writes about the inception of the idea and how have the design systems changed throughout the years. If you work with CSS you may like the BEM methodology which clicks with this concept very well.

Did you know the difference between border-bottom’s values 0, none and hidden? Neither did I! See examples and explanations.

See you next time.